Helping Ladies Love their Eyebrows in Red Deer!

Smooth, seductive, or bold — beautiful eyebrows are the best way to draw them into your eyes. But — we admit — brows are one of the hardest areas of styling to get right. Yet, at Utopia Hair & Lash Studio we can help you achieve picture-perfect eyebrows with microblading and ombre-inspired, powdered accents for your eyebrows. Red Deer ladies, these techniques are way better than simply penciling in those over-plucked, thin, or poorly defined brows!

Put down that brow pencil and visit Utopia Hair & Lash Studio for long-lasting results you will love!

Microblading for Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

The first thing you’ll notice about microblading is how natural it looks and how seamlessly the fine microblades blend into your brows. Carly Cardellino of Cosmopolitan magazine says, “Long story short: I don’t plan on using another brow product again[...] I took 10 selfies, and off I went to spread the word of microblading to all who would listen.”

Microblading can correct eyebrows with gaps, poorly defined curves, over-plucked hairs, and other issues. No matter if you prefer your eyebrows to be feathered, bold, straight, or arched, we can deliver semi-permanent results lasting between one to three years. And, unlike brow extensions, there is very little maintenance involved in keeping your microbladed eyebrows looking their very best.

To learn more about our microblading procedures, call or visit Utopia Hair & Lash Studio, today!

Ombre Powdered Eyebrows

Another great alternative to at-home eyebrow penciling is powdered eyebrow products for that distinctive ombre look. When applied professionally at Utopia Hair & Lash Studio, you can expect stellar results that look completely natural. We can achieve natural-looking styles whether you’re going for a super-soft or a bold, dominating appearance. We would even be happy to recommend a style that best complements your facial features and the overall appearance you’re looking to achieve.

Visit us today and say hello to the eyebrows you’ve always wanted!

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